Dream Catcher Wheel: Transform Your Dream Into Reality  

Dream catcher wheel is a new online casino game that has given a new edge to gambling games online. The most distinguishing feature of this game is that it is the only live game that is not played on the table. Dream catcher wheel game has been gaining popularity all across the globe on a rapid basis.

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About dream catcher wheel

Having a thorough understanding of the strategy and rules of the Dream catcher wheel game definitely helps the players to have an exciting experience of the gambling game. For years, online casino games only had a limited collection of live games. However, there are wide varieties of online casino games that are available today. All these games have different surroundings and different playing styles. Dream catcher wheel game is based on the game called money wheel, which is quite famous in the TV shows and brick & mortar casinos.

Where to play the dream catcher wheel

Money wheel game can also be played in unusual online surrounding as well as a casino table game. It cannot, however, be played in a live version. This game is called the Super Wheel or the Money Wheel game and is owned by Play’n Go. Dream catcher wheel can be found across most of the casinos and is also streamed through the provider studio online. However, depending on individual casinos, they payouts and the bets may vary accordingly. The most exciting part of the game is that a professional dealer spins the wheel communicates with the online players in real time. The dealers are unique in the sense that they interact with the players on different topics related to the game and also respond to the comments of the players through chat and also indulges in the fun with them. Thus, a very casual and non-formal atmosphere gets created.

Features of the game

In case the player is playing with someone whom he/she may not like, he can be changed with a suitable partner. Playing dream catcher wheel is easy and does not require specialized skills and knowledge. Once the player gets knowledge about the rules of the game, the options of betting get clearer.

Playing the game is really simple and easy. All you need to do is choose particular segments of the wheel on which you would like to bet. If the pointer of the wheel stops on these selected segments, you win and get paid. It is just that simple!

Any number of players can join the game, and each round is just of 45 seconds. So, try your luck Within 45 seconds without getting bored!

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise