From Bingo Supplies to Bingo Programs – The best way to Manage a Effective Bingo Fundraiser event Part 3

For those who have read our first article “From-Bingo-Supplies-to-Bingo-Programs—How-to-Run-a-Effective-Bingo-Fundraiser event-Part-1”, you need to have examined the licensing needs for bingos within your condition and determined a difficult idea of the amount of bingo players will probably be attendance. For those who have see the second article, “From-Bingo-Supplies-to-Bingo-Programs—How-to-Run-a-Effective-Bingo-Fundraiser event-Part-2” you’ve built your bingo program and selected your bingo prize payouts.

Now let’s think about the revenue generators or perhaps the bingo products you’ll sell in the bingo.

Bingo Books & Admission

Many bingos will sell an admission package to each bingo player after they arrive. This package usually costs around $20 and includes admittance to the wedding, a bingo book with bingo sheets for each game inside the bingo program, and perhaps another advantage just like a free dauber or possibly an additional bingo sheet for just about any jackpot game.

For individuals who’ve early bird games (numerous games before most of your bingo program), you have to sell bingo books on their own account for roughly $3-$5. In addition, extra bingo books needs to be offered (usually for $5-$15 each) for an inexpensive cost for the admission cost. Finally, it makes sense to promote extra single bingo sheets for your bigger prize (jackpot) games.

When you buy not to come with an admission package, you can easily sell bingo books for just about any set cost once the bingo players have became a member of.


Raffles are a fun way to earn additional funds in your bingo event. At night time, have a very friendly person walk around selling getting a grin. If possible, it makes sense to promote and presell the raffle tickets ahead of time.

You might have 50/50 raffles (where 50% in the proceeds go to the prize), or raffle off numerous prizes. Your prizes needs to be high quality and possess apparent value. You should not sacrifice quality!

Be careful, raffles, like bingos, might also belong to condition regulation. Make sure you uncover your state’s policy on raffles ahead of time.


Like raffle tickets, pulltabs (charity tickets) are a fun way to enhance sales and revenues within a bingo. A pulltab can be a similar to a scratch off lottery ticket, but instead it provides a volume of “home home windows” that are peeled open to reveal a possible prize. Each box of pulltabs includes a set fee of prizes (usually around 75% in the take). Therefore, each box (once offered) is guaranteed a specific profit.

Pulltabs come in many games and fashions. If you opt to sell pulltabs, ensure you probably know how each game is conducted ahead of time.

Be cautioned! Pulltabs tend to be more heavily controlled than bingos. Make certain that they are legal within your condition. And, if they are legal, make sure that you are properly licensed to promote them.

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