How the Winner in Baccarat Game Is Decided

 Baccarat game is a table game played using cards. This game is simple, fast and offers great opportunity for making quick bucks as the payout are distributed in 1:8 ratio. Only two players are vying for the money by placing bet on the chances of winning of the side they have chosen. The sides are popular as – player side and the bank side. The bank side is not reserved for or represented by the casino. It is just a side that can also be picked by the bettor

In this game, proximity of the total of cards to the figure 9 is set as the base for deciding winner. The two cards are dealt from the deck and one card each is placed on the player side and bank side, starting with the player side.

Here are certain combinations which need to be achieved to win the game.

  1. Total of two cards as 8 or 9: The side with cards totalling any of these two numbers score natural win and may rarely go to tie with the other side.
  2. Banker -9, player -8 : Banker wins and vice versa
  3. Player side scoring 6-9 : They qualify to compete with bank side
  4. Player scoring 0-5: He will require third card, if the bank side does not score 8 or 9

Banker wins when:

  1. Score is 8 or 9
  2. It will stand if the initial cards are between 7 and 9 and the player side is scoring 6 or above.
  3. Banker will be given third card when its score is 0-3 and will win if the total gets him closer to 9 than the player side’s total.

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Donald Phillips

Donald Phillips