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With the growing competition, even casinos are competing on the front lines with each other in a bid to provide the best joining bonus that they can…while still being able to make a profit off of their investments in the new joiners.

Free online casino chips seem like a pretty obvious place to start when trying to get more customers involved, as this will let them start playing without any major investment…and the decreased risk of incurring a loss acts as a booster for people to start playing and aiming to win, which depends on…luck? Let’s go with that version.

How do online casinos can keep people hooked?

There are multiple ways out of which the gambling sites choose the best-suited method for them on a personal scale to be providing these freebies to the new joiners. The most attractive part of free online casino chips is through offering bitcoins, which is an increasingly popular cryptocurrency…as an initial investment for the player to start their game. Other than this, online casinos nowadays also offer an insane amount of free spins ranging from anywhere between 50 to 200 to keep people intrigued when they feel at a loss and want to quit if they end up losing in any other type of casino games.

All this in its togetherness is designed to keep players playing, which seems like a pretty solid strategy. So if you’re a player, keep on reading to know your best bets at availing these offers at different casino sites for the best user experience.

Popular casino sites offering freebies:

  • Australia Mars Casino: offers up to 2 bitcoins and 50 free spins to the new members.
  • 7Bit Casino: offers a total of 4.5 bitcoins and an extra number of free which are more or less equal to 100.
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Donald Phillips

Donald Phillips