Play through: a strange term but with effectiveness in online slot casino

The path necessary to win the no deposit bonus in agen slot online casino is called “Play through”, which not everyone knows what it is. In a simple and clear way: the play through is a mandatory number of spins that the player must make before cashing out any bonus money given by the casino. This number is a multiplier that must necessarily be respected by those who play if they want to win money.

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Let’s take a simple example – a classic play through is 10X, this means that if they give you a $50 bonus with a 10X play through, you will have to bet for a total amount of $ 500, after which you can cash out your first $ 50.

It is not simple

Let’s say that you have been good, you will arrive at the end requesting to cash out and the online casino will tell you that you have to deposit a certain amount of money before taking the money home. It may seem strange, but it is. These are the main considerations to make it clear that winning no deposit bonuses is next to impossible. Obviously, if you manage to play all the sums requested by the casino you will finally be able to cash out the free bonus. Give up all hope of winning by playing without money, first because you can’t, second because satisfying the play through is not easy and we strongly advise against trying. To play slot online pragmatic casino without a deposit, it takes a lot of calm and cold blood that not everyone has, also because every casino on the web has its rules and these must be respected without ifs and buts and respecting them also means avoiding looking for all possible tricks to not play your own money and to win those of the casino.

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The “dirty trick” to pocket more free bonuses

Regarding what has just been said above, there is an important information that we want to give you, as it often happens to hear from some users that they have found an infallible system to take home many free casino bonuses thanks to a newly discovered trick, but things are not exactly what they want you to believe. Being able to pocket as many vouchers as possible would please everyone, not to mention the fact that those who claim to have done so, most of the times have put in place a system prohibited by the regulation of online gambling houses, as the crafty of free spins, they use a gimmick that is easy to implement, but just as easy to be discovered by those in charge.

Why this happens?

This happens because the designers of the security software themselves know very well that there is this risk that cannot be curbed upstream, therefore they adopt functional measures to bring it to light later, when you in fact download your no deposit bonus with 2 different accounts, the system already goes into alarm as presumably you will have the same IP and you will be tracked by cookies the first time. And if these suspicious accesses are multiple, the possibility of being kicked out of the online casino at zero time is even more likely.

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